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Volunteer for Wildlife

Top-rated by thousands of volunteer alumni, GoEco offers award-winning wildlife programs worlwide. With the help of our volunteers, many of our programs produce valuable research data to support conservation efforts worldwide. Volunteering abroad with wildlife is an amazing way to travel to exotic locations while protecting and helping with the rehabilitation of endangered species worldwide. From protecting sea turtles on the beaches of Central America and Indonesia to the rehabilitation and research of the Big 5 (Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard ) in Africa, volunteering abroad with wildlife is your chance to really give back to the environment and make a real difference in the conservation of some of the most incredible creatures on the planet.

Most volunteer with wildlife programs focus on the safeguarding and protection of animals that are under severe threat due to the illegal wildlife trade, poaching, pollution or habitat destruction. Volunteers are needed to work with animals at wildlife sanctuaries or rehabilitation centers around the world, while at the same time conduct important research through data collection and surveying or even helping to educate indigenous communities about animal rights.

When you volunteer with animals abroad, you get the chance to interact with wildlife in their natural habitats - allowing you to experience, first hand, the importance of conserving these regions while simultaneously helping to prevent the current decline in certain animal populations.
The African continent is home to a large amount of indigenous - and unfortunately endangered species. These include the majestic African elephant and rhino’s as well as the regal African lion - to name only three. Due to the increased international demand for ivory and the illegal hunting and trade of wild animals, numbers of these magnificent animals continue to drop. Animal sanctuaries throughout the country are playing a vital role in the protection of these endangered animals.

The iconic Amazon Rainforest is home to almost 12 percent of the planet’s species. Located in the heart of South America, this magical location and all  its inhabitants are currently under threat due to increased deforestation. Rescue centers scattered throughout the country provide sanctuary to a variety of the animals who have lost their homes and volunteers are always needed to help provide care for them while also educating the local communiti

Parts of the Southeast Asian landscape is also suffering at the hands of humans looking for land and financial gain. The logging and palm oil industries, among others, are responsible for the destruction of countless homes of the indigenous animals of the region. Rehabilitation centers are becoming more and more important in the rescue and rehabilitation of the animals from the region and volunteers are often the glue that holds them together - helping with everything from preparing food and providing love and attention for animals such as Orangutans.
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