Volunteer Vacations and Tours

Want to turn your vacation into a fulfilling experience by giving back to the communities you travel through? Hop on board one of GoEco’s Volunteer Vacations and Tours programs! With a variety of road trips and programs with included trekking exucrsions, every volunteer can combine traveling with volunteering. Road Trips: GoEco offers specialized road trips in India, China, Thailand, and Fiji that allow for a lengthy exploration of a new country as well as for giving back to the communities visited along the way. These programs combine traveling, sighttseeing, volunteering and the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture! Volunteering opportunities vary by destination. In the Road Trip China program, for example, you can volunteer at a giant panda center, while on Road Trip Fiji you can splash about in turqouise waters after volunteering by teaching and assisting at a local kindergarten. Treks: Combine your passion for trekking through new lands with your desire to gain a taste of what it is liek to be an international volunteer with one of our programs in Nepal, Peru or India! Teach children in the ancient city of Cuzco and experience Machu Picchu with a 4-day trekking experience in Peru, visit the Taj Mahal in India, relax with a yoga retreat in the Himalayas, and so much more! Again, volunteer tasks vary by location, and may include teaching children, renovating and painting community buildings or working inside the Amazon Rainforest to conserve this fascinating, yet threatened ecosystem. Volunteer Vacations and Tours in Asia: GoEco offers a wide array of  volunteer vacations and tours in Asia. In India alone we have a Road Trip, Volunteer Travel Adventure, and Yoga and Himalayan Reatreat. There are road tirps available in China,  a road trip-like adventure in Nepal as well as both a road trip and travel adventure in Thailand. Volunteer Vacations and Tours in South America: Both of GoEco’s adventure trek volunteer projects in Peru involve visits to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, tours of Cuzco, a National Park tour on four-by-four bikes and more in between rainforest conservation work and teaching asisstance. Volunteer Vacations and Tours in Australasia: GoEco’s Road Trip Fiji  is ideal for the beach-loving volunteer! In addition to siwmming in crystal waters, volunteers will be visintg waterfalls, mud pools and engaging in other fun water activities when they are not caring for children in schools or during after-school sports activities.

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This week-long cultural experience is the perfect way to start your volunteer abroad vacation! Meet fellow participants and future volunteers, learn about traditional customs and go sightseeing.

Join GoEco to explore the best of Sri Lanka in just a week! This week is filled with action, sightseeing and adventure.