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Volunteer with Sloths

Volunteer abroad with sloths, one of nature's sleepiest animals! Sloths are found in Central America and South America. There are six different species, divided into two families" three-toes and two-toed. Unfortunately, these lovable animals are subjected to habitat loss and the illegal pet trade. GoEco works with programs in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru that center around the conservation of them, along with other indigenous wildlife. read more
Costa Rica has more than 8,500 species of plants, 220 species of reptiles, 160 amphibians, 205 species of mammals, and 850 species of birds. Volunteers here play an important role in the conservation of Costa Rica's incredible...
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Volunteer at a wild animal shelter and take a week of Spanish lessons in Ecuador!
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Volunteer in Peru at a center for rescued and endangered native species ranging from penguins to monkeys!
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