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Volunteer in Africa

Volunteer in Africa and discover a continent of diverse cultures and spectacular wildlife. Rehabilitate lions in Zimbabwe or further humanitarian development in South Africa; this is your chance to make a difference. Based on years of practice and in-depth field reports from hundreds of volunteers in Africa, GoEco presents you with a carefully vetted selection of excellent humanitarian, development, education and wildlife volunteer projects in countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, KenyaMozambiqueMalawiMadagascar, and the Seychelles Islands. You can combine two or more opportunities and create a meaningful gap year program. read more
Embark on a wild journey in South Africa to explore historical Johannesburg and volunteer on a private wildlife game reserve with the best accommodations GoEco has to offer!
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Journey to Zimbabwe and Zambia to experience Anteope Park Game Reserve and the greatness of Victoria Falls while volunteering for lion conservation!
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Experience the beauty of Cape Town while supporting children in underprivileged communities. This program is tailored to volunteers over 30 to share their expertise and life experience with youth and others in need of inspiration and...
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