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Volunteer in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country rich in history and a place where  volunteer opportunities and travel experiences abound. The Southeast Asian country is located on the on the Indochina Peninsula, sharing borders with Cambodia, Laos, China and the South China Sea. The stunning landscape is comprised of diverse scenery ranging from rolling hills, and mountains to tropical forests. As a volunteer in this wonderfully dynamic and picturesque country you will not only be able to explore this vast and majestic terrain but also make a valuable contribution to a country immersed in a history of war

While volunteering in Vietnam there are countless sites you should plan to visit including Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park and Ha Long Bay, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With its rate of economic growth being one of the world’s highest, Vietnam has so much to offer and so much to explore. As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to  discover a side of the local communities and people that ordinary travellers aren’t always privy to. Ho Chi Minh City, which used to be known as Saigon, is Vietnam’s largest city and has been described as having a more colonial feel than the ancient capital of Hanoi, showcasing the diversity you will encounter  while visiting this wonderful country.

Volunteer placements range from providing assistance in the fields of education to healthcare and all-round community development projects. There really is a volunteer abroad opportunity for everyone in Vietnam.  If you are looking for a valuable way to contribute your time and expertise to community development while providing assistance and care to those who are without, then there is no doubt that volunteering abroad in Vietnam is the opportunity you have been looking for. With opportunities to work with children with special needs as well as helping to take care of children who come from underserved communities your time and dedication will undeniably be greatly appreciated. Alternatively, you may wish to give back to the healthcare industry, helping to alleviate some of the daily stress in the hospitals all while learning about Vietnam's various medical practices and treatment methods. The value of good English language is not overlooked in Vietnam and this means that international  volunteers  can teach English or help local teachers improve their English skills, too.

This wonderfully diverse country and its close proximity to other exciting Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Laos, China and Thailand mean that travel excursions are plentiful. Over and above that, volunteering abroad in Vietnam promises to be a rewarding and meaningful experience and a unique opportunity to engage with some of the most beautiful communities and locations in the east. 
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In this project you can enjoy all that Ho Chi Minh City has to offer and also volunteer in one of these important initiatives: working with disabled children, assisting in a kindergarten or helping university students
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Provide support to a government-operated hospital in Ho Chi Minh City! Become a dedicated volunteer and help alleviate the daily stresses on the medical staff while learning about Vietnam's various medical practices and treatment methods
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