Top 5 Reasons To Volunteer Abroad

Posted by: Lindy K.

Are you staring at your computer or telephone screen hoping that this post will be the final bit of inspiration you need to book the volunteer abroad trip of a lifetime? Are you desperate to see the world, experience new cultures and meet new people all while making a real difference? Do you believe that travel isn’t only about the perfect Instagram and Snapchat posts but rather more about immersing yourself in the country you have chosen to visit? Well – then you have come to the right place and we guarantee that these top 5 reasons to volunteer abroad will be all the inspiration you need to pack your bags and join the experience of lifetime.



1. See the world

The most obvious reason – and a pretty important one at that – would be that volunteering abroad will ultimately provide you with the opportunity to see the world. And from the best perspective.





Volunteering abroad not only allows you to travel to almost any destination in the world it also provides you with the unique opportunity to explore, experience and see the country you are in through the eyes of a local. Be it through volunteer abroad programs such as community immersion projects or even working with indigenous animals of the region – you will truly become a traveler and not just a tourist. All while making a very important contribution to the region.



2.    Gain a new perspective

The truth is that often the daily grind and constant trying to keep up with all the pressures of work, family, life etc. can really prevent us from investing in ourselves and appreciating all the beautiful things and people we often take for granted.





If you have considered volunteering abroad or going on a volunteer vacation for a while you may have already searched for testimonials or reviews from people who have already worked in communities or volunteered with animals or children. We are certain that you have read countless entries that describe volunteering as “life – changing”, that after returning home volunteers more often than not return home with a better understanding and appreciation for different cultures.



3.    Meet new people and make friends for life

Volunteer travel affords people with the opportunity to join forces with like-minded people who face worldwide problems head-on and in so doing become part of the solution.





This is a unique position to be in and allows us to join hands with others who share the same experience – and there is no bond quite like it. This shared immersion and the inevitable up’s and down’s of being abroad and often facing particularly confronting situations will surely cement a friendship for life. There is no doubt in our minds that by the time your volunteering trip is over you will have countless new friend from across the globe.



4.    Boost your career

While it definitely shouldn’t be the reason for deciding to volunteer abroad, having the fact that you chose to contribute to something bigger than yourself, undeniably makes prospective employees view your application more favourably.





Volunteering abroad is often associated with the type of people who exemplify innovation, creativity, selflessness and the type of person who is willing to get “their hands dirty”. Wouldn’t you want to hire someone like that?



5.   Give back

Despite the multitude of positive reasons there are to volunteer abroad – at the end of the day, at the core of the activity – volunteering is about giving back. About doing good.





About offering help and assistance to communities, environments, people or animals who are in danger or less fortunate or unable to take care of themselves. It is about providing assistance and realizing that we are all a part of something bigger. That this world is ours to treasure and protect and that inevitably it’s all we have.

Book the volunteer abroad opportunity of a lifetime and really make a difference! Be the change you want to see in the world.