Lilly’s Experience in Greece

Posted by: Lilly P.

My Greece experience at the Mediterranean Sea Turtle Conservation program was one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I learned so much not only about the Loggerhead Turtle and conservation, climate change, pollution and marine biology, but also gained skills such as teamwork/collaboration. I also learned about different cultures, people and ecological footprint.

The experience of living in a camp with strangers from all over the world and working with them for this common goal was one that I just can’t put a price on. I believe this has improved my employability as I was able to work with others, using communication and verbal skills, as well as practically come together for a common goal. I was also able to learn about what we can do to help this endangered species on a day to day level – increasing my knowledge and education about the topics mentioned above.

The program had a huge impact on me as well as those around me. I have been actively expressing my appreciation for the program as well as educating people about the Loggerhead turtle and the program experience itself. The program has also had an impact on my values and beliefs, going back to work in the corporate world in the city of Melbourne – I am much more conscious of my ecological footprint, as well as what else there is out there for me to actively be involved in conservation. I also appreciate the simple things in life that we are so lucky to have a lot more – such as my comfy bed & mosquito free house!

I have felt so supported throughout the whole process, the staff and everyone involved were so welcoming and warm – which is so important in something like this, it’s the only way it will work and be successful! A special mention to Ana – who is an incredible program leader, her friendly and great nature is something that made my experience particularly memorable – so thank you.