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Volunteering in Indonesia – The Meaning of Family

I traveled to Southeast Asia for the first time in my life for the Bali Sea Turtle project. This experience volunteering in Indonesia was an adventure from the moment I stepped off the plane. We arrived in Bali to find a driver with my name and my mother’s name on his sign, jumped in the taxi and he drove us to our first accommodation in Ubud, the village of culture, arts, and the original traditions of Bali.

Volunteer in Indonesia - Bali Sea Turtle Rescue

Orientation was fantastic, the coordinators were gracious and showed us special core traditions of the Balinese culture. The following week we arrived by boat onto the island for the project, immediately we were welcomed with open arms. The conservation’s mantra was “family”, there was a cohesive sense of teamwork and hard work through out the entire experience. The accommodation on the island was basic conditions, no wifi, and western toilets.

Volunteer in Indonesia - Bali Sea Turtle Rescue

Volunteering with the local community was humbling and valuable to learn to follow your dreams and interests that hard work will pay off. The coordinators were well educated about the sea turtles and showed immense compassion. I think there could’ve been more information about the project and details, but flexibility was definitely a key characteristic for the volunteer.