Volunteering in Thailand – Making Long-lasting Friendships!

Posted by: Minkha

I volunteered at the Learn, Volunteer and Travel project in Sing Buri, Thailand for one month and enjoyed every single minute of it! From the first day to the last day there were memorable moments and experiences I wish to relive every day.

The first day, I met some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and those people I guarantee will be lifelong friends of mine. The first week that you arrive in Thailand is the Siam Culture week (also known as the ‘Introduction week’) and during this week you meet and get acquainted with other volunteers as well as coordinators. This week isn’t only special because of the friendships you form, but also because of the places you get to visit.

You will take a tour around the Sing and Lop Buri Province as well as a few other neighboring towns. During these visits you will be completely emerged into the Thai culture. With excellent coordinators giving the most informative and descriptive facts about the various temples and the Siam culture, all your cultural needs will be met.

Moreover, each day of this week after all the tours, you will go to a different restaurant at noon have lunch there. It was some of the best Thai food I’ve had, made by the friendliest chefs. Each night after long days of tours, you have the evening and night to do whatever you’d like. Most of the volunteers usually use that time to connect with family and friends at home, or indulge in a little fun at the ever so famous Dang Bar!

I volunteered at the orphanage for two weeks and then for a week, I volunteered at Hua Hin for the beach week. At the orphanage, you can do many things: such as, construction, paint, build, play with children in the afternoon, and teach English to the Thai people. All of this lasts roughly for about four hours. I taught English and it was the best feeling ever being able to offer my services to the Thai people. My students were very sweet and I have made a couple new friends in them. The beach week was a little similar to the orphanage in which you visit a hill tribe one day and you teach English to children.

In addition, you have to clean up a temple and a beaches and visit a few temples. However, all of this is during the morning time and by afternoon you spend every day at a different beach and just get to relax and swim for the rest of the day! The accommodation is also nice in Hua Hin, You will stay in luxurious tents and have a rainfall shower head.

All in all, I enjoyed every bit of volunteering in Thailand and I know you will too. You just have to have an open mind and always be friendly and willing to help!