Volunteering in Thailand – Thai Treasures

Posted by: Kathleen

Thailand is a treasure for sure. The first part of my Learn, Volunteer and Travel project was the Orientation Week. My guides were awesome. During the week I visited several temples including Ayutthaya, Buddha’s Footprint, and Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden. And I sampled local cuisine, crafts, music, and dance. The fantastic music and dance was provided by local students.

The Thailand Hell Horror Park (Wang Saen Suk Garden) was indeed something else. There are statues depicting almost every type of sin – from drinking alcohol, to greed and murder. Each sin has a dire consequence. This garden is not for the weak.

At the temples, I was impressed with the customs and rituals designed for the believer to try. According to one legend, at Buddha’s Footprint, if you ring all 93 bells while counting them, you will live to be 93 years old. After googling my birth day (Tuesday) I was able to determine which image of Buddha best reflects my soul. In Lopburi, at the Monkey Temple, I watched the antics of these amazing creatures swinging, swimming, and begging for food while they climbed on us.

Both Wang and Cholly offered historical information along with practical advice like when to take off my shoes, how to perform modest rituals, and how to cook Thai vegetables.Thai foods come mild, hot, and hottest. And I learned when to say Khorb Khun “Mark” Na Ka or Khorb Khun “Mark” Na Krup.