Volunteering in Zimbabwe – The Most Amazing People

Posted by: Sydney

It is hard to put into words how fantastic of a time I had working on the Orphanage and Teaching in Victoria Falls project in Zimbabwe. The moment I walked into the volunteer house I was greeted with joy and smiles from the staff and the other volunteers; it gave me the automatic impression that I was genuinly wanted and needed at the project, that was a really wonderful feeling!

As a volunteer working on the community project I got to experience many different activities such as: Teaching the fourth grade at Monde Primary School, playing and helping meet the needs of the children living at Rose of Charity orphange, teaching and playing with the children at a local Pre-School, gardening at the old peoples home and a rural garden, and even occasionally spending an afternoon walking with lions!

The children living at the orphanage were extreamly kind and playful and the amazing women watering the rural gardens would carry massive buckets filled with water on thier heads while carrying a baby on thier backs!

I learned a lot volunteering in Zimbabwe, life lessons that I would not have been exposed to otherwise and got the amazing feeling that I was doing something to support someone else. I also got to make friends with the other volunteers from all over the world which was one of my trip highlights, I can now say i’ve got freinds living on almost every continent! I had the most incredible time in Zimbabwe and I would recommend that trip to everyone. Zimbabwe: I will be back!