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Posted By: Melanie
#Nepal,#Education,#Asia,#Volunteer with Children
In addition to the teaching, I got to work at an orphanage in Kathmandu. I cannot explain the affect of those astoundingly beautiful children. Just to hold a child in need of a hug. To feel a hand slip so readily into yours simply to feel love and affection freely given. To feel special to someone. It bursts your heart. Their delight in each other and what little they have is truly inspiring and I will never forget them.
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Posted By: Samuel
#Nepal,#Education,#Asia,#Community Aid and Development
A truly memorable experience was refereeing two days of soccer. The monks truly love the sport and had a 2 day schoolhouse tournament, which I was requested to referee. The youngest monks were the spectators and cheerleaders, beating plastic bottles and plastic drums, cheering their houses on.They played on a small pitch dug out of the side of (literally) a mountain, the ground was dirt and the goals made out of metal poles. In two hours of soccer, I think I only had to give a single foul, which to me exemplifies the spirit of comradeship and gregarious nature of these incredible people.
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Posted By: Blair
#Nepal,#Education,#Community Aid,#Asia,#Community Aid and Development
Teaching women through the Women’s Empowerment program, I was able to deeply connect with the Nepali women I worked with, even considering the huge language barrier between us. It was a joy and honor to teach them. I We spent the lessons laughing and actively interacting with each other, ensuring that they were learning as much as possible. It was very hard to leave them after three weeks. In such a short time, they embraced me into their world.
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Posted By: Yuan L.
#Nepal,#Education,#Community Aid,#Asia,#Volunteer with Children
Children there love singing and dancing, they performed traditional Hindus dance before we left. I can feel the passion of the children, from their eyes and their words. One week is too short for the teaching and I hope more and more volunteers can come and help these children.
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Posted By: Ana R.
#Nepal,#Community Aid,#Asia,#Volunteer with Children
Definitely this experience shaped my personality and I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to volunteer in such an amazing place.
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