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Posted By: Sara
#Tanzania,#Marine Conservation,#Conservation,#Africa,#Marine and Coral Reef Conservation
The project goals are long term – building community and relationships takes time, and those are what are needed for a paradigm shift. I hope the data I helped collect contributes to policy change to make dolphin tourism more sustainable.
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Posted By: Jen H.
#Tanzania,#Community Aid,#Education,#Africa,#Community Aid and Development
I was lucky enough to be teaching the Masai, who were adults in the local tribe trying to learn to read and write Swahili and speak small bits of English which would help in the tourist industry. Many of them worked as guards or for a local hotel which meant it was good to know some English as well as Swahili. They were all lovely, and were always excited and willing to learn; it was amazing seeing how happy they were after we would tell them they had got something right.
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Posted By: YuFei L
#Tanzania,#Conservation,#Marine Conservation,#Asia,#Marine and Coral Reef Conservation
One day we had recorded about 50 dolphins...Swimming with these large mammals is an experience that I will never forget. 
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