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Posted By: Molly R

I spent one week the private island, and it was amazing. The staff are very friendly and the dive masters are fantastic.

I had a lovely experience here with my daughter. We learned so much about ocean life and how important it is that we protect our oceans and sea life!

Our amazing volunteer Cheuk was part of a group of students from Hong Kong who were the first volunteers at the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary following the bushfires. He describes his experience below.

Posted By: Emma C.

"I think that the entire trip itself was the most memorable experience I’ve ever had in my life so far, I’m already planning to go back again this year! But Victoria falls was by far my favorite place that I got to visit in Zimbabwe while I was there...

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Posted By: Alisa N.

Whether you are a medical professional seeking to get international experience, a pre-med or nursing student wanting to enhance their CV or just wondering if the field of medicine is for you...

We at GoEco have bunched together our most family-friendly programs, to make choosing your volunteer family adventure a breeze. Enjoy upgraded accommodations, feel at ease with prepared meals and most importantly, enjoy ...

Marine preservation is essentially the conservation of marine ecosystems and their marine life species. Ocean conservation takes many different forms, from large-scale coral reef conservation efforts to more specific conservation efforts...

Take your volunteer experience to the next level by living in spiritual places or within religious communities. By adding in the extra element of spirituality, you can elevate your volunteering as you learn about and participate...


Posted By: Daniella A.

Volunteering with animals and wildlife is a rewarding, fun and unique opportunity. Zimbabwean wildlife is diverse and amazing, and every wildlife lover should take up the opportunity to volunteer with animals here! This country ...

Posted By: Daniella A

Ah, the Israeli desert. There is just simply something magical about the massive sand dunes, sporadically sprinkled lines of green palm trees and the dry heat. It’s a hiker’s paradise and a photographer’s dream...

Posted By: GoEco Staff

The well-being and safety of our volunteers, students and interns is our top priority. We are closely monitoring the situation with the World Health Organization and are following the instructions of the official health authorities where our projects are located.

Augmented reality has landed on our screens and the madness is real. We have created for you a special filter that helps you find out what your next volunteer adventure should be.

Highlights & Updates

Posted By: Daniella A.

Live on a beautiful, turquoise beach and ride a bike each morning to your choice of volunteer programs! Zanzibar is a tropical, African destination that is waiting for YOU. Discover our two amazing Zanzibar programs below.

Posted By: Daniella A.

Intern at an eco-friendly hostel in the vibrant city of Barcelona, one of Europe's cultural cities! Meet travelers from all over the world during your internship and gain experience in various hospitality tasks and initiatives.

Posted By: Daniella A.

Volunteer in Croatia for the conservation of bottlenose dolphins! Sail in the beautiful Adriatic sea while working with the only organization in the region that is conducting this research...

Be a part of the team at a professional wildlife sanctuary in Australia! A few months ago, our volunteers assisted in the evacuation of all animals at the sanctuary, to protect them from bushfires threatening the area.