Found 71 volunteer projects:

3rd week Free in October to March 2023 | Intern with endangered wildlife in South Africa for a career-propelling and fulfilling experience!

3rd week Free in October to December 2022 | Make an impact on communities living in Cape Town settlements through education, skills development and community improvement projects.

Join the Giant Tortoise Center staff in the stunning Galápagos and help care for ancient, giant tortoises or sea turtle nest conservation!!

Combine environmental volunteering with a unique cultural experience on one of Japan’s most stunning Islands.

3rd week Free in October to December 2022 | Join GoEco on the tropical coast of southern Sri Lanka to empower local women by breaking down barriers to their education!


Volunteer at an elephant sanctuary south of Bangkok that allows these majestic creatures to live chain-free in natural surroundings! This project takes place at a refuge for rescued and injured elephants.

Volunteer in the vibrant city of San Jose to provide medical care for those in need! Join a health care or medical placement and make a difference.

Enjoy a volunteer opportunity to assist local teachers and students in Zanzibar!

Scuba dive into the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea to help clean up pollution that threaten local marine life.

Scuba dive into the beautiful waters of the Spanish Mediterranean to help clean up pollutants that threaten local marine life. Experience Barcelona’s unique culture and spend your days diving and protecting nature in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

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