Found 73 volunteer projects:

Enjoy a volunteer opportunity to assist local teachers and students in Zanzibar!

Scuba dive into the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea to help clean up pollution that threaten local marine life.

Scuba dive into the beautiful waters of the Spanish Mediterranean to help clean up pollutants that threaten local marine life. Experience Barcelona’s unique culture and spend your days diving and protecting nature in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

Scuba dive into the stunning waters of the Atlantic Coastline in Portugal to help clean up pollution that threaten local marine life.

Help preserve the ancient history of the area for generations to come, while having the experience of a lifetime! Work with a team of professional archaeologists on a live excavation site.

3rd week Free in October to December 2022 | Sea turtles in Sri Lanka are endangered. The species is threatened by human poachers as well as predators. The Sri Lankan government has approved the creation of hatcheries in order to protect the species.

Costa Rica is home to over 8,500 species of plants, 220 species of reptiles, 160 amphibians, 205 species of mammals, and 850 species of birds. Volunteers play an important role in the conservation of Costa Rica’s incredible biodiversity and have responsibilities vital to the success of its wildlife rescue centers.

Journey to the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica to help sea turtles in their fight against human poachers and erosion of their nesting sites. Meet other like-minded wildlife volunteers and experience the thrill of returning thousands of baby turtles to their ocean home.

3rd week Free in October to December 2022 | If you are passionate about wild animals and want to make a difference in their lives, then volunteer at the African Wildlife Ranch! Help their incredible staff with conservation efforts and experience close encounters with a range of fascinating creatures.

Volunteer in an exciting conservation project in the heart of the Maasai Mara. Make connections within the local community and help to bridge the gap between the growing tourist industry and the local population while making valuable contributions to conservation efforts, mainly with lions and elephants.

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