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Volunteer in South Africa

Whether you are looking to volunteer abroad with children or wildlife, South Africa is a country filled with ample opportunity for you to really make a difference. Following the end of Apartheid - South Africa is making enormous strides and progress, but at the same time has a wealth of necessary volunteer opportunities for those curious philanthropists looking to make a real difference. Very few countries in the world can offer you as diverse an experience as South Africa. Whatever it is you are looking for, this magnificent country, located at the southernmost tip of the epic African continent, is bound to have it. This vibrant country is rich in culture and traditions and its combination of magnificent landscapes, warm and welcoming people, and an abundance of wildlife - South Africa is a truly inspiring and exciting country to explore.

Even though there are 11 official languages in South Africa - almost everyone speaks English - so you don’t have to worry about having to attempt all those interesting “click words”.

The variety of specific volunteering abroad opportunities in South Africa range from essential aid in Medical Care and Education to Wildlife Research, Environmental and Conservation efforts. 

As a result of its history- South Africa is currently facing an abundance of health care issues including one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the world. Many volunteers join projects in South Africa to help assist nurses and doctors will simultaneously educate and arouse awareness amongst disadvantaged communities about proper nutrition, hygiene and health care practices.

Education and Community Support
The great South African leader and International advocate for tolerance and peace once stated “That education is the tool we can use to change the world”. This is one of the fundamental aspects of volunteering abroad in South Africa and helping give support and love to a collection of children in schools and community centers across South Africa. Volunteers are constantly need to help act as mentors, teachers and coaches helping to inspire the youth of South Africa for change and better futures.

Wildlife and Conservation
For those volunteers looking to join us in aiding in Wildlife and Environmental Conservation - there really is no better place than South Africa for this type of essential hands on work. Volunteer work ranges from assisting in the maintenance and upkeep of sanctuaries that play an integral role in the rehabilitation and protection of endangered species. Volunteering on these type of projects may also require feeding, nursing and caring for all types of different wildlife as well as collecting and recording data for primary conservation efforts. For those who are looking for career experience in the field of animal care or conservation, South Africa is the perfect place to get up close and personal with some unique and majestic wildlife.

On top of really contributing to the country - travelling and volunteering abroad in  South Africa will almost definitely allow you to check some things off your bucket list. Adventure trips and travel highlights are some allow you to bungee jump, stand on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, and maybe even hear a lion roar. The country really has it all. A visit to this incredible country will afford you the once in a lifetime experience of letting go of all your expectation and inhibitions and immersing yourself in the diversity, vibrancy and freedom of this stunning, colorful country.
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