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Volunteer in Central America

Travel and volunteer in Central America with GoEco! Take part in life-changing humanitarian efforts in Costa Rica or explore Belize while contributing to valuable marine research initiatives in the area. Learn some Spanish and meet like-minded friends and other volunteers along the way. GoEco’s volunteering projects in Central America will broaden your horizons and give you a real taste of adventure. 
In a nutshell:

●    Sustainable volunteer programs with measurable impacts
●    GoEco’s ethical values are behind all volunteer projects 
●    Award-winning programs with excellent volunteer reviews 
●    Comfortable volunteer accommodation, most meals, airport transfers, and 24/7 support are all included in the program fees
●    Practice your Spanish skills 

Why volunteer in Central America?
From the tips of Maya pyramids rising above verdant jungle canopies, to vast stretches of palm-fringed beaches, Central America is a paradise packed with adventure. Whether hiking up a smoking volcano or swimming alongside sea turtles, your heart will beat faster with both passion and excitement in Central America. 

There are plenty of opportunities for international volunteers to contribute to sustainable development projects in countries throughout the region. Conservation challenges, a growing demand for English language skills, and ongoing community development in areas such as medical care and infrastructure, mean dedicated volunteers can contribute in real ways to causes they are passionate about. 

GoEco’s Central America project locations all have something unique to offer. 

Costa Rica
Sunny, friendly Costa Rica is proof that good things come in small packages. In this one tiny country, you’ll find volcanoes, cloud forests, laid-back Caribbean beaches, and wild Pacific Coast beaches. Costa Rica has an incredible amount of biodiversity, so it’s a fantastic place to volunteer in wildlife conservation

The pristine islands of Belize are a wonderful aquatic playground. Between stints basking on white-sand beaches beneath swaying palm trees, you can snorkel through vividly colored coral gardens, swim with whale sharks or manatees, or paddleboard slowly over the tranquil waters. 

Guatemala has some of the most diverse landscapes in Central America. While volunteering here, you’ll have the chance to discover Mayan culture, learn about the towering pyramids at Tikal and visit highland villages where locals still wear traditional garments. You can also enjoy peaceful mornings by Lake Atitlan, climb the Acatenango volcano, or splash through the crystal clear pools of Semuc Champey.

Volunteer programs in Central America
Take your pick of exciting volunteer programs in Central America. Help to protect pristine environments or contribute to development initiatives in vulnerable communities. All of GoEco’s volunteer programs are ethical and sustainable, meaning that no matter which option you choose, you’ll be making a genuine difference. 

Wildlife conservation
Central America is tiny - only 0.5% of the world’s total land area - but is home to a massive 7% of the planet’s biodiversity. The densely forested areas and wildlife that live there are under threat from deforestation and habitat destruction. A large number of species are vulnerable or endangered, meaning there is a demand for conservation volunteers. You could help to protect some of the colorful creatures of Costa Rica’s jungles, such as sloths and parrots, or even assist with jaguar research projects

Marine conservation
The coastlines of Central America are prime breeding grounds for many species of turtles, while further offshore, manatees, sharks, and all manner of bright fish populate the water. Choosing to volunteer in marine conservation is a chance to have unforgettable aquatic adventures, while also gaining a PADI diving certification or exploring a potential career in marine biology. During your program, you’ll be living in some of the most idyllic coastal communities in the world. 

Teaching English 
English skills are valued throughout Central America. Locals can access more jobs in the tourism market and have the opportunity to increase their income if they improve their English skills. Immerse yourself in a local community and help with English classes for all ages. Volunteering to teach English in Central America is a great way to challenge yourself and develop your leadership and organizational skills, as well as intercultural competency. 

Sustainable farming
Central America produces two of the world’s most beloved crops – cacao and coffee. In Belize, you can learn more about the production of cacao as you work alongside Mayan families deep in the jungle. This project is focused on supporting farms, which are organic and sustainable, that produce quality chocolate for export. Meanwhile, in Costa Rica, you can help local farmers to grow and harvest fair trade, organic coffee. This is a fabulous opportunity to learn more about the cultural and economic value of coffee while being immersed in village life and studying eco-friendly farming practices.

Central America’s public hospitals often have to cope with stretched resources. Licensed professionals can lend their skills and help to provide quality care to patients. Health science, nursing, or pre-med students will have the opportunity to care for the general needs of patients or lead workshops. If you have more medical experience, you may be able to help with tasks such as triage and check-ups. As a volunteer in healthcare, you can make a direct difference in people’s lives while gaining valuable international experience.

Social work
Have a positive impact on Costa Rican communities when you take part in social work projects. You could help out in public schools, assisting teachers in delivering fun and engaging classes. Or, you could lend a hand where it’s needed in a local home for abandoned children, soup kitchen, or home for the elderly. A social work internship is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to develop their career in this field. 

Start your Central America adventure by enrolling in a program today!
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