Why Volunteer Abroad with GoEco: 5 Reasons to Choose GoEco as Your Volunteer Organization

Posted by: Lindy K.

The hardest part of volunteering abroad can be choosing the right volunteer organization. As a volunteer, your goals are most likely to make the biggest impact possible while reaching your personal potential. You most likely have a strong interest in human rights and environmental conservation, so sustainability and ethical values are high on your list. But, you’ve also got a bad case of wanderlust and a deep curiosity about other countries and cultures. So, how do you choose a volunteer organization that ticks all the right boxes?


1. Our Awards, Blogs and Reviews Speak for Themselves

GoEco also maintains the highest ethical standards relating to volunteer programs, and local teams and organizations. You don’t need to take our word for it, though – you can hear about what it’s like to volunteer with GoEco directly from former volunteers themselves. Take a peek at one of the 400 personal blogs all written and submitted by our past volunteers.





Check out a couple of our volunteer blogs to hear about life in the day of a GoEco volunteer:
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Or search for blogs by category/location:

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On top of our volunteer’s personal stories you can also find up to 300 external reviews and GoEco feedback on established volunteer sites GoAbroad and GoOverseas, including an overall satisfaction rating of 9.5 for all our projects. We can also boast a selection of awards and acknowledgements for being a Top volunteer abroad provider and we are happy to supply any accreditation you may be looking for.


2. GoEco Has Over 13 Years’ Experience

More than 13 years’ experience, 17,000 volunteers placed, and over one million volunteer hours clocked means we have one of the largest selections of destinations and volunteering opportunities across the globe on offer. We’ve had plenty of time to hone our offering and make sure our programs deliver for everyone involved – the communities on the ground, our local staff, and our dedicated volunteers.





Our experience means we’re confident we know what makes for a successful program. Making sure you have a seamless, rewarding,  and unforgettable experience is our priority. This applies from when you first book your trip right up until you arrive home again. Regardless of the type of work you choose while volunteering abroad with GoEco, we will provide you with 24-hour support the entire time.


3. Find Out What It’s Like to Volunteer with GoEco Through Our Ambassador Program

GoEco also manages a unique Ambassador program that connects potential volunteers (like you) and those who have already travelled abroad on one of our programs. This means one of our past volunteers will happily chat to you about their experience volunteering abroad.





These conversations can help deal with any doubts or questions you might have so you are better prepared for your volunteer abroad experience. The last thing we want is for you to end up in a program that doesn’t suit you. Essentially, our ambassador program is another tool we use to make sure you get all the right information before setting off on your adventure.


4. Our Ethical Volunteer Programs Have a Real Impact

Our mission is to effect real change in the world. GoEco also maintains the highest ethical standards relating to volunteer programs and local teams and organizations.





From Africa, Asia, and Europe, to Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean and Pacific – you can volunteer almost anywhere in the world with GoEco. All of our projects are carefully selected and we pride ourselves on ensuring the authenticity and validity of the projects we support. We prioritize projects that empower local communities to sustain lasting change.

From community work, teaching, and medical support, to cleaning enclosures and feeding wildlife – opportunities to make a meaningful and valued contribution are endless. In addition, much of the research conducted on some of our specialised wildlife projects is assisting in making huge strides for conservation efforts all over the world. Volunteering with GoEco is your chance to be a part of something big.


5. We are Transparent and Encourage Curiosity

We encourage our volunteers to ask the important questions to make sure they are choosing the best volunteer organization, Thinking critically about the purpose, impact, and values of an organization is a significant part of the selection process. Be curious and ask questions. We’re always open about what program fees are used for and address any ethical concerns directly.





Our experienced and well-travelled support team is always on hand to answer any questions you might have. You can get in touch with us via email or over the phone to find out more about how we can help you have the best volunteering abroad experience.