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Posted By: Neal G.
#India,#Teach English Abroad,#Asia,#Volunteer with Children
This Teaching and Community Work in Goa project was a great experience that has provided me with lifelong memories.
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Posted By: Sophie
#Asia,#Sri Lanka,#Teach English Abroad
My favourite part was definitely interacting with the amazing, young monks. The children were incredibly sweet and funny and they always put a smile on my face. At the same time, though, they were dedicated and focused during our lessons. Our classes were the perfect combination of smiles, laughter and learning.
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Posted By: Niklas
#Africa,#Kenya,#Teach English Abroad,#Volunteer with Children
I really enjoyed the time I had in Kenya, playing with the kids (their favorite game was that I lifted them as high as I can) as well as teaching them the letters of the alphabet or numbers...All in all, I had three of the best weeks ever. I met amazing people and enjoyed every day in kindergarten a lot!
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