Gap Year

You’ve heard the term. Perhaps you’ve taken one yourself. Perhaps you’re not sure what we mean when we invite you to join us during your gap year… A gap year is typically taken in the year following high school graduation before the beginning of further academic studies at a college or university. Others take gap years following their graduation from a higher education institution. Many young graduates find themselves traveling abroad during these times, discovering new areas and cultures of the world. This is well and good, and certainly contributes to personal growth, but is i.... Read more

3rd week free between August 2024 till September 2024 | Volunteer at one of the largest and most successful wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation centers in Africa! Become a part of a 50 year history of wildlife conservation and volunteer on this project with a range of animals, from monkeys to lions.

3rd week free between September 2024 – November 2024 |Journey to the beautiful Pacific beaches of the Osa Penisula to volunteer for sea turtles. By protecting 8km of beach, the project contributes significantly to the registration of over 7000 nests per season. Volunteers play a crucial role in this grassroots project, contributing to both turtle conservation and community development.

3rd week free between August 2024 – November 2024 | Live on a private island and volunteer to conserve the Belize Barrier Reef’s diverse ecosystem. This program includes marine preservation tasks, and the opportunity to become PADI certified, with free weekends to explore mainland Belize.

3rd week free between November 2024 – December 2024 | Volunteer in Malawi to aid wildlife rescue and rehabilitation at a renown sanctuary. Work hands-on with orphaned and injured animals affected by deforestation and illegal trade, contributing to their recovery and release back into the wild.

Join as a Pre-Vet Volunteer at one of Africa’s largest and most renowned wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation centers, with a special emphasis on pre-veterinary experiences! As part of the pre-vet program, volunteers will engage in activities centered around pre-veterinary care and education and will have the opportunity to work with a variety of animals, from monkeys to lions. No previous experience required.


Volunteer in the wild heart of Botswana’s Central Tuli Block with this Wildlife Conservation program. This project invites you to dive into an adventure that marries the thrill of being close to Africa’s majestic wildlife with the noble cause of conservation.