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Volunteer trips around the world

GoEco was created by experienced volunteers for people who are eager to travel and contribute to the community, wildlife, and environment they visit. Based on years of practice and in-depth field reports, GoEco presents you with a careful selection of excellent yet affordable volunteer and ecological minded vacations.

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  • Girl Empowerment in Moshi, Tanzania

    Help raise awareness and provide support to young girls and women - investing in their basic human rights and the community at large. You will be able to lead discussions and change attitudes around the role of girls and women in the community through education and empowerment.

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  • Bottlenose Dolphin Conservation in Croatia

    Help with bottlenose dolphin conservation efforts in Croatia! Join a group of volunteers out at sea where you will learn about the local dolphin population and observe their behavior! There are few better places to watch dolphins than on the northeast coast of the Adriatic Sea.

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  • Bali Sea Turtle Rescue

    Volunteer near Bali, a beautiful region surrounded by marine life and amazing scenery. Work with injured and rescued sea turtles to rehabilitate them and educate others about the importance of ensuring this species survival.

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  • Animal Rescue and Conservation in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica's animal rescue centers need your help! Come volunteer at one of four centers and help rescued wildlife while experiencing all that this country has to offer!

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  • Scuba Dive for Research and Conservation in Seychelles

    Spend your days exploring the underwater world of the Seychelles. Scuba dive with whale sharks and learn about coral reefs, sea turtles, and other marine life as you collect data and contribute towards marine conservation.

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