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Volunteer in Iceland

Please note: Volunteering opportunities in Iceland are currently unavailable. Check out our other volunteering opportunities in Europe.

From the steamy, thermal springs of the Reykjanes Peninsula to the snow-capped blue icebergs of Jokulsarlon to bright green fields, Iceland is a land of diverse, captivating beauty. This unique landscape provides the perfect location for environmental volunteering opportunities, and the hospitable culture of the Nordic people welcomes the cultural exchange that is a large piece of volunteer abroad experiences.

From taking photos of the Northern Lights to lending a hand at a prestigious health clinic garden to renovating local Nordic villages, Iceland’s natural phenomena and cultural charm provide uniqueness for volunteering opportunities.
Top 3 Reasons To Volunteer Abroad in Iceland

1. Environmental Diversity. Iceland’s diverse landscapes and environments provide the ideal volunteer opportunity for environmentalists. The town of Hveragerðiis for example, is on top of an active geothermal field which is responsible for the many flourishing agricultural greenhouses in the otherwise chilly climate.

2. Sustainability. Iceland is said to be one of the world’s most sustainable nations, with a large percentage of its energy coming from renewable sources. What could possibly be a better place to volunteer for environmental conservation and agriculture than in a country that is a leader in sustainability? 

3. Culture. Hospitality is valued in Icelandic society, which helps international volunteers integrate easily into their new surroundings and allows for rewarding cultural exchanges.
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