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Volunteer in Europe

Volunteer and travel in Europe with GoEco! Discover the Mediterranean as you work to protect dolphins or turtles, grow your teaching skills in local schools, or make friends from around the world in a youth hostel. GoEco’s European volunteering programs combine the best of volunteering with outstanding travel opportunities in cultural, historic, and artistic centers.   
In a nutshell:

●    Choose from 15 exciting programs with measurable impacts
●    Strong ethical values for peace of mind
●    Excellent volunteer reviews and multiple awards 
●    Program fees cover volunteer accommodation, most meals, airport transfers, and 24/7 support 
●    Experience Europe’s major travel highlights 

European countries have rich cultural histories and a huge array of landscapes to explore. There’s an almost impossible list of places to visit; from royal palaces and museums packed with some of the greatest artworks in the world, to golden Mediterranean beaches and verdant vineyards. Volunteering in Europe will help you carve a path through the best sights, sounds, and experiences of Europe.

Why volunteer in Europe?

Europe is a diverse patchwork of countries stitched together historically and geographically. Because of this, Europe stands out as a travel and volunteer destination. 

You could be sinking your toes into the sand of a Greek island one day, wandering cobblestone streets in Italy the next, and sipping on sangria in Barcelona the day after that. Each country has its own defined history, culture, and traditions, so take a one-hour flight in any direction and you’ll find yourself somewhere entirely different. 

Living and volunteering in Europe is a chance to sample la dolce vita, the good life, surrounded by fine wines and cuisine that has been perfected over hundreds of years.

For volunteers, Europe also presents an exciting opportunity to gain real-world experience in hospitality, teaching, or conservation initiatives. With a multitude of languages spoken on the continent, Europe is also a great place to get an English teaching qualification​ and then practice your teaching skills in a number of countries looking to brush up on their English. At the same time, you can practice your own language skills with locals, learning a new tongue such as Spanish.


Locations where you can experience a volunteer program, or internship, in Europe, with GoEco:

Greece – The Acropolis, Mount Olympus, Meteora - Greece is full of great sights. Ancient ruins, sun-bleached islands, and blue Aegean sea are just the beginning. Turtle conservation projects give you a chance to immerse yourself in the wealth of natural and archaeological sites along the country’s coast, while helping to protect the vulnerable species of turtles

Spain – One of Europe’s most lively countries, Spain has volunteer projects covering everything from marine protection, to sustainable farming, and hospitality internships. Soul-stirring landscapes and strong traditions around enjoying food, wine, and the good life mean exploring Spain will be a journey of a lifetime. 

Ireland – The ‘Emerald Isle’ is a friendly and beautiful place to volunteer. The rolling green countryside is the perfect setting for learning about sustainable agriculture, while the lively towns keep your weekends interesting. 

Croatia – Bordering the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is famed for beaches covered with silvery pebbles, and rich blue waters that hide a treasure trove of marine life. The coastline is dotted with both islands and ancient walled towns, so your sunny days will be filled with exploration. 

United Kingdom – From the northern tip of Scotland to the white cliffs of Dover, the whole of the United Kingdom is steeped in history and traditions. Fill your days with expeditions to crumbling castles, ancient stone circles, or just the local village pub. No matter where you are, you’ll be surrounded with fascinating stories and a dash of British eccentricity. 

Italy – Art, architecture, and cuisine make Italy a distinctive center of style and sophistication. There are more UNESCO World Heritage sites in Italy than in any other country. From the Roman Empire to the Renaissance, there is an incredible depth of history to explore and learn about. Then there’s the natural beauty of Italy - from the snowy Alps to the country’s glorious Mediterranean coastline

Portugal – With the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Spain on the other, Portugal is a vibrant blend of cosmopolitan cities, such as Lisbon, and untamed nature. Lisbon’s tangle of narrow streets and colorful buildings invite you to satisfy your curiosity and explore every corner. Nearby, you can visit windswept beaches or quiet mountain towns. 

A meaningful volunteer project can lend a higher purpose to your Euro trip. You’ll be doing more than just traveling for the sake of personal interest - you could contribute to areas such as conservation, hospitality or education. 

Wildlife conservation – Europe has a vast array of wildlife. Many European countries border the sea, so there are a large number of conservation programs centering around marine animals such as dolphins and turtles. Being a part of a positive movement to protect these fascinating creatures is immensely rewarding. Not only do you get to feel good about contributing to important conservation work, but you’ll also get to know (and even swim with) dolphins and turtles on serious research expeditions. In Italy for example, the data you help to collect can directly contribute to dolphin conservation

HospitalityVolunteering in a hostel is a fun way to learn more about the international hospitality industry. This is a dynamic and fast-paced volunteer environment that will encourage you to think on your feet while honing accounting, communication, and organizational skills. As you gain work experience, you’ll also make friends from all over the world!

Education – Gain valuable teaching experience while facilitating English classes or working with children in education centers. Teaching programs are a great way to tap into your creativity and have fun while engaging others in important educational activities. You’ll also be working closely with community members, so you’ll be sure to make plenty of local friends!

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