Volunteer with Children

Many of the children that volunteers work with are underprivileged and live without many of the luxuries of the western world. That means they are often lacking proper nutrition, a comfortable home, a loving family or a reliable education. These children have done nothing to deserve the challenges they face and without a good support system, they will likely never have the tools to succeed. Simply helping out and committing yourself to two weeks to several months of service is all that is needed to instill a positive attitude and hope into the lives of so many children. Volunteering with children is the process of laying small but sturdy stones in order to build the foundation of a future society. Many children that you encounter while volunteering abroad may have been neglected, abused or abandoned. Your presence, alone, will go a long way in making them feel loved and hopeful for a brighter future. This is extremely significant because the way in which a child is cared for – i.e. the love they receive and the interactions they have – shapes their behavior, personality and mentality for the rest of their life. Help children change their path for the better by choosing a childcare volunteer project while abroad. One option in childcare volunteering is working in a day care. Day cares offer a great way to work with young children and to provide them with needs as basic as food and love. Serving them a hot meal is a simple way to help them meet their basic needs. Across the globe, a variety of volunteer positions are available in childhood education. Volunteer teachers provide children with valuable information that is crucial to their confidence and success, like teaching them English, a lanaguage that is crucial for social mobility in many parts of the world.  Education systems in underprivileged areas do not have enough resources to invest in educated teachers therefore children are left with a poor education and low hopes in continuing on to higher education. As a volunteer teacher, you will see the strides your students are making, first-hand. Teaching is a selfless act yet it brings you the biggest reward. Help build a better tomorrow in communities across the world by volunteering in child care. The knowledge, love, food, warmth, and fun that you provide for the children will shape them into more confident, loving, and driven adults. The love you give is the love they will learn to give when they are older. The circle of life, of family and of the future starts with children, so choose childcare volunteering as your next abroad adventure.

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