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Top 10 Programs for 2019

Posted by: Daniella T.
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This year was an exciting one – our volunteer programs made amazing progress and had truly positive impacts on wildlife and local communities. Here is a list of our top ten programs for 2019, based on volunteer feedback.

South Africa – Wildlife Sanctuary
Volunteer in South Africa - Wildlife Sanctuary

One of our most-loved programs! The Wildlife Sanctuary program provides volunteers with an amazing experience – working up-close with spectacular wildlife species that have been rescued. Every animal has its own unique story as to how it was rescued, but now that they are in their haven, your help is needed to improve the quality of their lives! Volunteers work closely with the animals to prepare their food, feed them and create enrichment toys.

Indonesia- Bali Sea Turtle Rescue
Volunteer in Indonesia - Bali Sea Turtle Rescue

Ah, a volunteer vacation on an island just off Bali! Volunteers on this program live on a tropical Indonesian island and work hands-on with sea turtles that have been rescued from being pets or who are injured and in rehabilitation at the center. Volunteers will work with eggs during nesting season and hatchlings during hatching season. No matter the season, there are always sea turtles that are in need of your care! In place of the first week of volunteer work, volunteers can partake in a Culture Week to discover the best travel highlights of Bali.

China – Giant Panda Center
Volunteer in China - Giant Panda Center

Join us at the largest giant panda sanctuary in all of China! Thanks to rigorous conservation efforts, the giant panda is no longer on the World Wildlife Fun’s Endangered Species List, but the species is still vulnerable. Volunteers work closely with panda keepers to contribute to the conservation of these animals, prepare food and even feed them! This program is ideal for those who want to contribute to wildlife conservation but only have one week to do so. 

South Africa – African Wildlife Ranch
Volunteer in South Africa - African Wildlife Ranch

See African big cats, and crocodiles, up-close! The wildlife ranch in South Africa is home to several Ambassador Animals, those that have been rescued, mostly from the illegal pet trade. These animals would not survive if returned to the wild due to their captive upbringing so they have a haven at the ranch. Volunteers prepare food and enrichment activities for the animals, as well as educate the ranch visitors about the different species and the importance of wildlife conservation efforts. This program even has an internship option for volunteers who prefer the one-on-one attention of a curator!

Zimbabwe- African Wildlife Orphanage
Volunteer in Zimbabwe - African Wildlife Orphanage

This program in Zimbabwe has quite the list of accomplishments from 2018 – all that wouldn’t be possible without the help of volunteers such as yourself! This wildlife orphanage, as the name suggests, takes in orphaned (and rescued) African wildlife, rehabilitates them and releases when possible into the Protect Area of Mantobo National Park. This program is excellent for volunteers who want to get experience out in the field and be directly involved in wildlife husbandry, rehabilitation and rescue missions. Volunteers on this program chip animals before their release so they can monitor the animals’ progress once released. 

Costa Rica- Animal Rescue and Conservation
Volunteer in Costa Rica - Animal Rescue and Conservation

This program is most well-known by our volunteers as the “one with the sloths.” This programs works with three different wildlife sanctuaries in Costa Rica that provide refuge to injured and orphaned sloths, monkeys, jaguars and other indigenous wildlife. This program begins with a one-week cultural immersion experience, including Spanish language classes, cultural activities and a homestay with a welcoming local family. This program is perfect for volunteers seeking to contribute to the conservation of Costa Rican wildlife but who are also looking for a cultural experience. 

Indonesia – Education and Community Work in Bali
Volunteer in Bali - Education and Community Work in Bali

For volunteers looking to work with and teach children, or contribute to community construction, this has been our most-loved dynamic program of 2018! This program works to improve the Balinese village community of Ubud through teaching village children and helping in constructing community buildings. Volunteers can choose which placement they want to assist in – teaching English to children aged 7-11, partaking in medical outreach through health education or assisting in construction. The choice is yours!

Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh Community Involvement
Volunteer in Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh Community Involvement

Our next most-recommended community aid program is this one! Unlike the program in Ubud, this one takes place in a big city- Vietnam’s largest city, Ho Chi Minh.  Similarly, volunteers also have a choice of placement at this program. Volunteers can help in a food shop, engage in cultural exchange with local students, work with those with special needs or help out in a local kindergarten. All volunteers will live on a college campus so cultural exchange is a large part of the program!

Thailand – Learn, Volunteer and Travel
Volunteer in Thailand - Learn, Volunteer and Travel

Our volunteers love this program in Thailand! Again volunteers have the option to choose their exact placement. This program offers a construction placement, as well as teaching in one of several rural schools that provide education to the children of poorer families. The experience begins with a tour to beautiful temples and other travel highlights before the work begins. No matter the placement, volunteers on this program have a lasting, positive impact on the community of Sing Buri.

Israel – Desert Wildlife Program
Volunteer in Israel - Desert Wildlife Program
This is your chance to work with wildlife found in the desert of Israel! From tiny tortoises to ostriches, leopards and oryxes, volunteers on this program are exposed to quite the variety of wildlife species. Volunteers get to see first-hand how these animals all thrive in a desert climate, as well as assist in the National Park to feed the animals each day. 

Whether you are looking to help out on a tropical island, in a romantic desert or in rural villages or urban cities, GoEco has top-rated programs there! Join any of our programs to make a lasing impact on a local community, whether that community will be released into the sea, go on to high school or be a community center that will remain standing.