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Top 5 Volunteer Programs for 2021

Posted by: Jonathan Gilben
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Have you put your travel dreams on hold in 2020?

There is something to look forward to as countries open worldwide. While most of us have been under lockdown last year, our dedicated projects have been busy rescuing and protecting wildlife. Volunteers can travel now and help our local teams around the world.

See our pick of 5 volunteer programs that are open for 2021:

Maldives - Marine and Turtle Conservation

Marine conservation volunteer feeding a turtle in the Maldives

If you’ve been on the GoEco Instagram account, you have definitely seen photographic proof of our volunteers having an unbelievably amazing experience in the Maldives! Aside from living in the most dreamy, tropical oasis, our volunteers work alongside professional marine biologists to rehabilitate sea turtles at a local center. Volunteers get involved in all aspects of the rehabilitation cycle- it simply depends on what is occurring at the time of the volunteer session. Our volunteers have taken part in everything, from rescuing turtles caught in ghost nets, to feeding and measuring turtles in rehab, to taking part in swimming rehabilitation sessions, to finally releasing healthy turtles!  

Travel tip: Combine this with one of our volunteer programs in Sri Lanka for a truly diverse experience. 

Zimbabwe- African Wildlife Orphanage

Female volunteer bottle feeding a baby monkey in Zimbabwe at a sanctuary

Passionate about animals? You will love our African Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe. Established in 1973, it is one of the oldest and largest wildlife sanctuaries in Africa. It is family owned and provides attentive care for hundreds of animals each year.
The hands on support of international volunteers is the lifeline of this program. From feeding big cats to nursing baby animals, you won’t get bored on this program. 

Travel tip: Visiting Victoria Falls on a free weekend is a must! Easily organized by our local team. 

Belize - Private Island Marine Experience

Volunteer in Belize - Private Island Marine Experience

For the ultimate marine conservation vacation, look no further! Protect and explore the Belize Barrier Reef from the home-base of a private island. Volunteer tasks include survey dives, removing invasive species, and contributing to a whale shark database.
This project is much more than a paradise location, it is also the leader in invasive species (lionfish) removal in all Belize! Start your adventure with a beginner, advanced or Specialty PADI diving course.
We include the cost of becoming PADI certified (beginner level) in the program fee! Our volunteers rave about this private island opportunity, and it has been our most popular program during 2020.
Travel tip: Adventure seekers will get a thrill out of a day trip to Jaguar Paw to take a jungle hike, tube through dark caves and zipline through the Belizean rainforest.

Costa Rica - Animal Rescue and Conservation

Volunteer in Costa Rica - Animal Rescue and Conservation
Join our popular volunteer adventure in Costa Rica to help sloths, primates, jaguars, parrots and other animals. We will place you on one of four excellent wildlife rescue sanctuaries in the country. 
Volunteers can also live with a host family and add Spanish lesson with one of the best schools in San Jose. This program has it all - amazing wildlife species, meaningful volunteer work, cultural immersion and so much fun!  

Travel tip: Join our tour to Arenal Volcano and take a dip in wonderful hot springs.  

South Africa - Cape Town Community Projects

Female volunteer in South Africa with a student

The Cape Town Community Projects has remained one of GoEco’s most popular humanitarian and community aid programs. Volunteers enjoy a two-day orientation that includes incredible sightseeing before their project.
You can choose whether to teach in a school setting, or in the settlement. If you like extreme sports, there is also an option to teach surfing or skateboarding. 

Travel tip: Love adrenaline? Join a cage dive for marine conservation and see great white sharks up close and personal.