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USA Today

"Teach Children and Surf in Cape Town: While showing someone how to ride waves might not sound important, the Cape Town program makes a difference, teaching children how to swim, and keeping them off the streets and out of trouble, Lee says. “It helps them develop an appreciation for natural resources in their country.” 

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"Top Volunteer Abroad Organization of 2015 - “Go Eco is 100% reliable and prepared; my experience would not have been as rewarding if it wasn't for the company....The volunteering programs are incredible and if I had a chance to do it again, I would without a doubt! If you're going to volunteer abroad, go with GoEco!” - Denise, 2015 Alumni Volunteer

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Huffington Post

"An interest in voluntourism has grown over the years: The idea was conceived in the 1990s, has continued to evolve and was named a top travel trend by Condé Nast Traveler in 2013. And companies like...GoEco have made it easier for travelers to search and find the right type of trip for them."

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The Jewish Journal

"'I hope that when people come to Israel with GoEco, they learn that Israelis are not only focused on the political situation, but they're also focused on sustaining the land that is so holy and dear to so many people,' a volunteer coordinator said."

Journeys For Good

"GoEco has created an international volunteer network of like minded, responsible organizations who are all working towards the same overarching goals: protecting people and the planet. GoEco is a large, established organization that works closely with volunteers to insure proper placement and to guide them through their volunteer experiences."

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"If you love travel and are passionate about planet conservation, GoEco is your resource for pairing your hobby with meaning."

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Tourist Israel

"[GoEco provides] meaningful travel in Israel through volunteering and cultural exchange as people are beginning to look above and beyond the conventional route."

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Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

"All in all [GoEco was] a great experience where we felt like part of the community... and discovered many simple ways of living without wasting resources and precious time. It has helped us prioritize what's really important."

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"[Recommended for] adventurous ‘voluntourists’ who want to explore the country’s eco-system through an organized program."

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The Boston Globe

"What she stumbled onto online was www.goeco.org, which matches volunteers with projects. They do gardening and have an environmental focus... which I loved."

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The Today Show

(1:20) "GoEco.org is an great site, they have an awesome catalog of trips and it's a way to go away and have a cultural and nice experience but also use that time to help a humanitarian effort." 

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The Guardian

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The Green Prophet

"For those of you who really like to get your green thumbs dirty, there are many volunteer eco-tourism programs operated in Israel – many of which are organized by GoEco."

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The Green Prophet

"GoEco is a pioneer in introducing the concept of volunteer tourism to Israel. Volunteer tourism is a relatively new field in which travel benefits not only the tourist but the community that he or she visits."

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Channel 10 News

"A wonderful package deal, if I may say so... You have the opportunity to travel all over the world, and to do it very, very cheaply."

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Conde Nast Traveler

"GoEco's Tiger, Lion and Wildlife Park program is one of its most popular, and for good reason: volunteers get to actually interact with the tiger and lions, including feeding cubs.  Expect some dirty work too (like cleaning up animlal poop). but if that worries you, refer back to feeding adorable tiny tigers."

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